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American Landscapes

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Thank you for your interest in my work. Public response is very important to me. I encourage honest feedback and I benefit from critical review.
As a former art teacher and public arts administrator, I believe that all people find value in the arts and therefore should have access to a wide variety of expression in line with who they are and the lifestyle they enjoy. Fortunately there are a myriad of artists and works of art to choose from.
My work is focused primarily on the landscape and for those who share my love of the natural environment I hope that my way of representing the subject elicits a positive response.

As an artist I feel obliged to make my art available to a wide audience and at a reasonable cost. I am very fortunate to have enjoyed a positive public response to my work during the nearly 40 years that I painted on a part-time basis while employed in education and public services.
Since February 2001, I have devoted full time to my art. The work has grown rapidly and has been well received by galleries and the public. I encourage you to take advantage of the professional services of the galleries and to feel free to contact me directly if you find my work of interest.

Michael Croman



This is an overhead shot taken of me
working on a painting in my studio.

Photo by Karl Faler


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